About me and my cats

It was always my dream to have a cat, since I was a child. But before cats I started as a dog breeder in 1993. My last experience with dogs was in 2008 under my own kennel name. Then I finnished to breed dogs in 2010. And then finaly in 2011 came my first cats into my house. Two norwegian forest girls ANDRÉE and ARIEL from the cattery Asgaard Gods*SK. This was my start. Now I am an active breeder with few litters born in my own cattery.

From time to time I am participating at International cat shows or at World cat shows under FIFe as a national member of Felis Hungarica.

And why Norwegian forest cats? I like them very much since I saw them 1st time back in 2007 at World Cat Show in Bratislava (SK). They are strong, big, cool and with amazing characters. And of course they are not very popular breed here in Slovakia like many others. And this I like.

about me